The Rise and Reign of the Air Jordan: A Look at the Most Popular Models

The Air Jordan brand has been a mainstay in the sneaker world since its inception in 1985. The brand’s namesake, Michael Jordan, wore the original Air Jordan 1 on the court and helped to elevate the sneaker to iconic status. Since then, a plethora of Air Jordan models have been released, each with its own unique design and features. Here is a look at the rise and reign of the Air Jordan brand, and some of the most popular models to date.

The Rise of the Air Jordan

The Air Jordan brand was born out of a collaboration between Michael Jordan and Nike. Jordan’s contract with Nike specified that he would have his own signature shoe line, which would eventually become the Air Jordan brand. The original Air Jordan 1 was released in 1985, and it quickly became a fan favorite thanks to its bold colorways and high-top design. Jordan himself would wear the shoes on the court, solidifying their place in sneaker culture.

In the years that followed, more Air Jordan models would be released, each one building on the success of the previous iteration. From the Air Jordan 2 to the Air Jordan 13, each sneaker brought its own unique design and features, and helped to cement the Air Jordan brand as a leader in the sneaker world.

The Reign of the Air Jordan

Today, the Air Jordan brand is more popular than ever, and continues to release new models and collaborations that capture the attention of sneakerheads around the world. Some of the most popular Air Jordan models to date include:

  1. Air Jordan 1 – The original Air Jordan, the AJ1 continues to be one of the most popular models thanks to its high-top design and bold colorways.
  2. Air Jordan 3 – Designed by legendary sneaker designer Tinker Hatfield, the AJ3 introduced the iconic elephant print and helped to solidify the Air Jordan brand as a cultural icon.
  3. Air Jordan 4 – With its unique “Flight” logo and distinctive design, the AJ4 is a fan favorite that has been worn by everyone from Michael Jordan himself to Jay-Z.
  4. Air Jordan 11 – One of the most iconic Air Jordans, the AJ11 features a sleek design and patent leather accents that make it a standout in any sneaker collection.
  5. Air Jordan 13 – Inspired by the paw of a panther, the AJ13 is a fan favorite thanks to its unique design and association with Jordan’s 6.

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